Brother’s P-touch handheld industrial labellers provide solutions that simplify onsite labelling.

Packed with professional features, these machines make labelling easier, faster and more efficient. Simply print, cut, peel and apply. And with iLink&Label™, Brother's new, mobile app solution that connects project data in Fluke Networks LinkWare™ Live, it's even simpler!


Advanced Mobile Label Printing has Arrived

Now available in Canada! Discover Brother's iLink&Label™ app, the industry’s first and only jobsite workflow system for printing labels. Used with Brother PT-E550W labellers and Fluke Network’s LinkWare™, it dramatically simplifies and streamlines cable label printing by eliminating duplicate data entry and helping reduce human input errors, making it easier and faster to label larger and more complex data centers. This integrated cloud-based system will revolutionize the way cable installers manage test and labeling processes, results and assets.



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Bridging the gap between office and jobsite brings project data to labelling tools where it’s needed.

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Brother’s cloud-based iLink&Label™ mobile app bridges the gap between the office and the jobsite, bringing project data to labelling tools onsite, where it’s needed.

Used with Brother PT-E550W label printers and Fluke Network’s LinkWare™ and Versiv testers, it delivers advanced mobile label printing capabilities such as higher speeds, greater efficiency and improved accuracy.


For all your professional needs

More than an industry standard, labelling is a reflection of your professionalism. With endless applications, Brother P-touch industrial labellers and high quality, durable tapes make it easy, fast and affordable to get it done right.


Professional-grade tapes for professional-grade labellers

Designed for a multitude of uses and to withstand even the most extreme conditions, our HSe, TZe and HGe tapes conform to the highest industry standards. Their easy-swap, drop-in cassettes make changing tape types fast, efficient and uncomplicated.

Our range of tape types includes:

  • Flexible ID Tape - to wrap and flag wires and cables
  • Extra-Strength Adhesive Tape - for rough, textured and powder-coated surfaces
  • Heat Shrink Tube - meets industry requirements
  • Standard Laminated Tape – for flat, smooth surfaces
See Tape Chart >>

Heat shrink tubing

THE choice for meeting industry requirements for wire and cable labelling

Laminated and durable tapes

Compatible with all P-touch industrial labellers and other TZe P-touch labellers

Commercial quantity

Designed for commercial and industrial labelling applications (5 roll packs)

Q. What is the cost of the ownership for Brother's P-touch industrial labellers?

A. Brother's P-touch industrial labellers boast an unparalleled cost of ownership. Each model comes as a bundled kit at a price lower than the cost of a competitive labeller alone. You get:

  • Hard shell, protective carrying case
  • One full roll of flexible ID tape
  • Convenient wrist strap

Q. What temperatures can Brother's professional labelling tapes withstand?

A. They’re designed for every kind of use and to withstand the most extreme conditions (-30°C to 100°C). Additionally, fading, abrasion, moisture, grease and industrial solvents like acetone are no issue.

Q. How can I benefit from label application keys?

A. Use label application keys to access preformatted templates of the labels you need most often. Pick an application, follow the on-screen prompts, enter your text then print and cut. There’s no guesswork.

Q. What are the shipping costs if I want to buy it online?

A. Since your online order is more than $50, shipping is totally FREE.

Q. What is the average Li-ion battery life per charge for any of these labellers?

A. Up to 15 tape cartridges, but actual battery life results will vary depending upon operating conditions, labeller settings and applications.

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