Brother Entrepreneur Embroidery Series

Brother’s embroidery machines combine easy to use features with innovative technology to deliver an affordable, yet feature-packed machine that gives professional results every time. Machines come with everything you need to get started. In-depth training will be provided to you by your dealer.

  • 10 needle machine for more complex jobs.
  • Embroidered space up to 8" x 14".
  • Includes 4 frames and a working table that attaches to the machine.
  • Light and audio cues tell you when you need to change thread, if the thread is broken or when your design is finished.
  • LCD TouchScreen lets you create, edit and view your image before you start. A PC is not required.
  • Automatic needle threading.
  • Easy programming. Once the image has been selected, start the embroidery and let the machine do its work.
  • Wide working area for easy setup of item to be embroidered.
  • Includes on-screen tutorials with videos and diagrams.
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  • 6 needle machine.
  • Embroidered space up to 8" x 12".
  • Includes 4 frames and special attachment for embroidering caps.
  • There are many other accessories available to expand the machine’s capabilities, including a metal stand with storage and larger frames for specialty items. Click here for more details

There are many other accessories available to expand the machine’s capabilities, including a metal stand with storage and larger frames for specialty items.

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How do I get the logos/designs loaded into the machine?

Logos/designs need to be in a jpg format to be used. They must be loaded into PE Design software and then transferred to the machine. Files can be edited in the software on your PC or directly from the machine’s screen.

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Do I need a computer to operate this?

No, jobs can be done directly from the touchscreen. However, using a PC will will provide you access to many more built-in designs and fonts, as well more extensive editing capability.

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Why choose a Brother machine?

Like all Brother products, they are easy to use. They are specifically designed for commercial use. Comparable machines from the competition are considered industry grade and are much more expensive.

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How often will I have to change parts/needles?

This will depend on what you are using the machine for and how often, ie. type of materials being embroidered and complexity of designs. Typically, needles need to be changed between 10 to 20 million stitches. The included needles with our PR machines are titanium coated and they are more durable than needles provided with single-needle sewing/embroidery machines.

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Is there regular maintenance required?

The machines are preset at the factory to send a “maintenance required” message after 1,500 hours of use. This time can be lowered by a qualified technician but it can’t be increased i.e. once they reach 1,500 hours, the message always shows up on the LCD until the machine has been serviced.

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How long does it take to embroider an object?

This will vary greatly depending on the size of the embroidery job, the complexity of the design/font and the number of colours being used. Here are some examples:

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4.8" x 1.6"

4/6" x 1.7"

6.9" x 3.9"

Number of Stitches





Time Required


4 minutes

5 minutes

27 minutes

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