Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Personalized embroidery is part of a $47 billion customization industry in North America and increasing every year. To grow your business, simply take what you already have and make it even better. People love personalization!

The Benefits
Increase average transaction size and margin

Customizing your existing products will increase your unit revenue and generate more margin dollars from the sale of each item. Margin will depend on the item and the complexity of the embroidery required. As an example, if you increase your regular retail price by $10 for customization, with an incremental cost to you of only $1.20, that’s an additional margin of $8.80 or 88%.

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Enhance your product offering

Allowing customers to personalize their purchase adds value to your product. Whether it be for their personal use or as a gift, your products become something unique that they can’t get anywhere else.

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Grow your customer base

Your customers will love the personal touch that customization offers and it will encourage repeat business. It will also attract new customers who may be looking for something personal, but do not yet have a specific product in mind. Through word of mouth, your customer base will expand.

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Differentiate yourself from the competition

Customized products provide you with a unique product offering that sets you apart. The operation of the machine itself can also be an attraction for passersby to stop and watch, and naturally to look at the goods you have on display.

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New revenue streams

But it goes even further than that! The ability to customize goods will open up new markets.

Large quantity orders

Customizing names and/or logos is essential for team items like badges and uniforms for schools, camps, sporting groups and even businesses. Promotional items for organizations will also require a personal touch. Either way, the orders will be significantly larger than your normal transactions.

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Embroidery as a service

As you become known for your ability to provide customized goods, customers will come to you with their own products purchased elsewhere, for your service.

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High volume of small orders

Brother’s professional embroidery machines are portable enough that you can take them with you on the road. Set up a mobile shop at a local softball tournament and personalize hats on the spot. Or attend your local pet show and provide dog collars. Take advantage of the “impulse buy” and offer something unique to a captive audience.

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Exceptional profit potential
Healthy product markups are possible with personalizastion/embroidery. Let’s look at 3 examples*:


  hat girl with bag DogPooch





Doggy jacket

Retail price





Retail price with embroidery





Cost of embroidery





Incremental profit


$4.40 / 88%

$13.30 / 89%

$4.50 / 90%

*Costs and retail prices are estimates only.

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