Why Brother scanners?

Why Brother scanners? Because:

  • Brother scanners are rich in features. All of our scanners come with a comprehensive suite of additional software to provide a complete document capture solution.
  • Brother’s customer service lasts for the life of your machine.
  • Brother introduced scanning technology to our MFC devices in 1995. As the need for document scanning continued to grow, we used our imaging expertise to launch a line of stand-alone scanners in 2012.

What sets our desktop scanners apart:

  • Scan directly to USB flash drive using the USB port on the scanner.
  • Bonus: This port can also be used to charge devices!
  • Our scanners come with multiple drivers, including TWAIN and ISIS. These are the most common drivers used to integrate scanning hardware with document management software.
  • They’re compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Includes complete Nuance pdf software to create and edit files. Unique feature allows you to convert pdf into a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file.
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