Who needs a scanner anyway? Homes – Reduce the clutter! Offices – Any office can benefit from a document scanning Professional services – Legal, Accounting, Brokers, Real Estate Agents Healthcare services – Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Homes – Reduce the clutter!

Having a scanner at home can do wonders for organizing your personal life. From bills and legal documents to photos and your kids’ artwork – you can preserve everything without messy papers lying around.

But if you do need to keep a paper copy, a digital copy is still a great backup because you protect yourself from lost, misplaced or damaged documents.

  • Keep tax receipts handy for easy management at tax time
  • Scan invoices and receipts for digital filing
  • Enhance fading old photos
  • Keep all of your kids’ drawings – you know, the ones you can’t bring yourself to throw out
  • Scan copies of important documents and ID cards for safe keeping

Offices – Any office can benefit from document scanning

With the pace of business today, companies must be able to:

  • Search digital documents by keyword and find what you’re looking for quickly
  • Scan documents required for archiving and reduce office storage space
  • Reduce copying and environmental costs by sending digital documents
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Make files more accessible and easy to find

Documents like invoices, bills of lading and incoming correspondence can be scanned right away for easy filing and without any clutter. Digital scanning also allows you to share the documents without wasting time and money for copying and mailing.

Digital documents help keep your files secure – no more lost or misplaced files – while allowing multiple users work simultaneously on the same document. Files can also be accessed remotely from home or another offsite location.


Professional services – Legal, Accounting, Brokers, Real Estate Agents

Document management in professional services is more involved than a typical office environment. They require extensive documentation to be handled while maintaining audit trails for compliance purposes.

Adding to the complexity, documents must also be secure to protect clients’ confidential information, yet quickly and easily retrieved. In most cases, files need to be shared to varying degrees with security still a concern.

Having digital documents eases many of these issues while increasing productivity. Once a document is scanned, retrieving documents is almost instantaneous. They can be accessed from anywhere, at any time by multiple users. And documents can be digitally secured or access can be limited to just read only. Once scanned, documents have a meta tag which provides a permanent record of who created the file and when, as well as the date of any further editions.


Healthcare services – Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Increasingly, medical services are moving to electronic health records (EHR), partly due to legislation and partly because it just makes sense. By using EHR, a patient’s file becomes an up-to-date, complete and accurate document that can be shared with other health professionals as the need arises.

Better information leads to better care

By having the complete picture of a person’s health and history, smarter decisions can be made regarding future care and treatment. In case of crisis, all critical information is readily available – things like allergies and current medication – which can mean the difference between life and death.

Document scanners are an integral part of the information capture process. A scanner allows you to digitize documents immediately for inclusion in an EHR. And by using drivers like ISIS and TWAIN, scanners will easily integrate into almost any existing document management software.

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