7 reasons to convert paper to digital

The world is going digital. While it’s unlikely that paper documents will ever be eliminated, Brother can help you meet the ever increasing challenge of managing and processing information quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how scanning documents can help:

  1. 1. Easily change file formats and manipulate data. Read more
  2. 2. Find information easily. Read more
  3. 3. Use and share documents with ease. Read more
  4. 4. Protect your files from loss or damage. Read more
  5. 5. Control access to information. Read more
  6. 6. Save time, space and money. Read more
  7. 7. Improve your efficiency overall. Read more

Easily change file formats and manipulate data

Not only is scanning easy, it allows you to capture and manipulate your information in a way that can’t be done with paper.

  • Scan paper documents to digital with one touch scanning.
  • Assign a file format to a hardcopy document before it’s scanned.
  • Index files to OCR while they’re being scanned for easy searching.
  • OCR also allows you to manipulate text within the document. Edit the file or copy relevant sections to other documents.
  • Repurpose content from documents.

With Brother desktop scanners, you can:

  • Convert pdf files to Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Text and images can be repurposed.
  • Save emails in pdf format directly from email applications like Outlook.
  • Combine multiple pdf files into a single file.
  • Scan and save information from business cards to a contact database.
  • Scan 11" x 17" documents.

Find information easily

  • Search quickly and easily within your entire database or within a specific document by keyword.
  • Find the documents that you need faster by implementing a consistent file naming protocol.
  • Reduce the time spent physically filing and retrieving paper documents since information is stored in a central database.

With Brother desktop scanners, you can:

  • Create shortcuts to automatically send scanned documents to specific folders on the network or PC.
  • Scan files in pdf format for optimal searching, viewing and sharing.
  • Scan files to OCR format for searching and repurposing content.
  • Quickly drag-and-drop scanned files in the order that you want and easily move them to other programs.
  • Automatically index images after scanning to make search and retrieval much easier.

Use and share documents with ease

Retrieving documents stored as hard copies or on microfilm takes time. A digital filing system is centralized and can be accessed by everyone instantly.

  • Spend less time is looking for files because you can retrieve right from your desk.
  • Access your documents from anywhere at any time with network or
    cloud storage. Increase productivity by enabling multiple users to
    access a file simultaneously.
    No need to wait until someone else is done
    with the file and no time gets wasted like it did when you used to go look
    for a file only to find it wasn’t there.

With Brother desktop scanners, you can:

  • Scan files directly to a USB flash drive and take it with you.
  • Scan files directly to your network or cloud applications (not all models).
  • Create shortcuts to automatically send scanned documents to specific folders
    on the network or PC.
  • Connect a scanner to your entire network by Ethernet or WiFi (not all models).

Protect your files from loss or damage

Although many people prefer to work with paper rather than digital files, having a digital backup or archive is a critical component of any disaster recovery plan.

  • Remove the possibility of things being lost or misplaced.
    It can be expensive and time-consuming to replace lost or damaged documents. A digital system keeps files centrally stored even when being used.
  • Get around the issue of misfiled documents.
    Paper documents can get misfiled. If this were to happen electronically, a simple search would allow you to find the file quickly.
  • Protect paper documents that need to be kept from over-handling. If there is damage to the physical file, information can always be reproduced.
  • Ensure your data is protected from the risk of theft, vandalism or acts of God with our scanners.

Control access to information

Get better, more flexible control over sensitive documents.

  • Control access to specific files or folders for different user groups
    and/or individuals.
  • Create an audit trail of who viewed or modified a document, and when.
  • Reduce the possibility of having confidential material or trade secrets
    lying around in the open.
  • Make it fast and easy to share documents with colleagues and
    clients over a network, by email or via the Web in a controlled manner.

With Brother desktop scanners, you can:

  • Password-protect documents.
  • Use electronic signatures to ensure exclusivity.

Save time, space and money

Reduce overhead costs and significantly improvement productivity.

  • Reduce associated labour costs of filing, maintaining and retrieving hardcopy records. Recover productivity by assigning staff to other tasks.
  • Don’t waste time looking for lost or misfiled documents, or documents that are already in use by someone else.
  • Free-up essential and expensive floor space occupied by traditional physical storage creating space for more productive purposes.
  • Save money by scanning at the source rather than through expensive 3rd party scanning.
  • Reduce copying and safeguard the environmental by processing documents digitally.
  • Reduce paper clutter.

Improve your efficiency overall

The regular practice of digitizing documents has benefits that are less tangible and a little more difficult to measure.

  • Save time by using digital documents helps to improve internal operations, leading to a better flow of information and an increased perception of employees’ ability to answer questions.
  • Distribute information easily. In the past information stored on paper or microfilm was difficult to use. Now you can disseminate information to clients and associates much faster from a thus giving you a competitive edge.
  • Communicate new or updated information to employees instead of relying on casual hallway conversations. Now information can easily be shared across the organization and stored in a central database accessible by all employees, thus preserving intellectual capital.
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