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Our motto AT YOUR SIDE isn’t just a tagline attached to a logo.

We hire people who:

  • Passionately drive for results: You take initiative in a decisive, responsible way and with a sense of urgency. You take ownership for all you do and run projects like an opportunity to advance your causes! Although you’re persistent in overcoming barriers, you’re always mindful of your teammates and you’re probably the most dependable person around. People rely on you to deliver results.
  • Strive for quality and innovation: You meaningfully challenge the status quo to improve quality and innovation. You’re always on the lookout for improvements in work processes and results. Your work and efforts are always of the highest standards of excellence.
  • Collaborate and partner with others: You collaborate and communicate with others to build and maintain great working relationships. You’re a solid partner and work with others to make decisions or take actions that deliver an awesome experience.
  • Embrace development: You embrace growth for yourself and others while promoting our culture of learning and development. You openly accept feedback to improve and are willing to help others be better too!
  • Deliver an awesome experience: You go over and above in all you do. Exceeding requirements and managing others’ expectations is the norm for you. You show a passion for “delivering an awesome experience” at all times.
  • Think critically and make timely decisions: You understand the organization’s strategy and make timely decisions. You take bold, decisive actions and make commitments even if there are risks, conflict and uncertainty after considering the available courses of action and the needs and values of others.

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We love working at Brother.
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