Near Field Communication (NFC) Printing and Scanning

What is it?

NFC is a technology found on many of today’s mobile devices that enables wireless two-way communication between two devices within close proximity of one another. NFC capability automatically establishes a direct connection between your NFC enabled smartphone or tablet and an NFC compatible Brother™ device, so you can print or scan using the Brother™ iPrint&Scan App – without having to connect to a network or enter any login credentials!

What can I do with it?

Touch your compatible mobile device to the NFC mark on your Brother device create a wireless connection to print or scan using your device’s Brother™ iPrint&Scan App

What is the benefit?

Near Field Communication makes it simple to connect to a Brother device directly from a compatible device. You can print from your mobile device with ease, plus it’s an ideal way to offer visitors to your office or home temporary access to a Brother device without the hassle of obtaining login credentials or a password.

Compatible models


For full app functionality visit the Brother™ iPrint&Scan page listed under your mobile device here.

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