Brother Cloud Apps


Brother Cloud Apps are a free suite of innovative, cloud-based applications that you access directly from select Brother devices. You’ll be amazed by how much you can do right from your machine, without using a computer. The Brother Apps suite is expandable, and Brother is developing new apps that will become available for download as they are completed.

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  • Brother CreativeCenter Templates

    Print commonly-used business documents like planners, note-taking forms, signage, as well as fun seasonal documents directly from your TouchScreen Display.

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  • Scan To Office

    This innovative app scans a hard copy document and converts it into an editable Microsoft Office® document with selectable text and JPEG images.

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  • Outline & Copy

    This app lets you make a new physical copy of only selected portions of an existing hard copy document.

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  • Outline & Scan

    This app enables you to select parts of a physical document and scan just those parts into a digital file on a transparent background.

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  • Outline & Remove

    This app lets you remove selected portions of a hard copy document with a red pen outline, and then produces a new physical copy of the remaining information.

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  • Note Scan

    This app prints a foldable note-taking template, in your choice of 1, 2, 4, or 8 pages on a single sheet of letter-sized paper. Once the sheet is filled with notes, scan it using Note Scan and the pages will be automatically separated and converted into a series of JPEGs for easy storage or sharing.

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  • Easy Scan To E-mail

    This app scans documents to the cloud, and then delivers them to an e-mail address selected via the TouchScreen Display from the user-populated e-mail directory – all without scanner drivers.

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Internet connection required. Services and functions may vary depending on the model of your Brother device.

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