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Brother® P-touch® Label Printers
Print On-Demand Labels with a P-touch Label Maker from Brother

Brother P-touch label printers are a fast and effective way to create adhesive-backed labels to help keep you organized at home, the office, business, or school. Brother P-touch label makers are designed to print quality, durable labels to fit any need and any budget.

From handheld and desktop models to computer label printers, Brother P-touch labellers produce durable, colourful labels. Almost all of the P-touch products print on laminated labels that withstand abrasions, chemicals, water, spills, heat, cold and other harsh environments. Applications for Brother P-touch labels are virtually infinite, and P-touch labellers are both affordable and easy to use.

Why Choose a Brother P-touch Label Printer?

Brother P-touch label printers are equipped with easy-to-use, convenient features that allow you to print labels on-demand. Use Brother
P-touch labels to organize your home or office, in the field or on the go. With features such as built-in keyboards, automatic tape cutters*, time/date printing and so much more, the Brother P-touch label maker system allows you to print the labels you want when you want them to meet all of your labelling needs.

Learn More About Brother P-touch
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*Product features and compatibility vary by model and application.

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