Brother Canada Cartridge Collection Program

Help us to recycle!

Brother Canada is asking you to help us with the collection of its empty consumables.

In order to do so, Brother Canada offers you a free pre-paid mailing label so you can return your empty consumables to us. Sending consumables back to us is very easy. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Print your free pre-paid mailing label online. Please do not make photocopies of your pre-paid label. You need to generate a new label for each box you mail back to us.
  2. Pack your consumable and affix the mailing label (Using the original carton box is best, however Canada Post locations can provide shipping bags as well for a small fee.)
  3. Drop your consumables at any Canada Post location.
  4. Your cartridges will be recycled!

Search for your Brother machine and then print out your free pre-paid mailing label!

If your model is not listed, please contact your local municipality to see what recycling programs exist. Visit again soon, as more products may be included at a later date.


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