Brother GX-6750



MSRP $179.99*


The GX-6750 is an entry-level portable daisywheel typewriter. Its features include the Perfectype® professional touch keyboard, automatic correction system including "word-out" and a 65 character lift-off memory, automatic underlining, bold printing, right margin flush and view mode. It has a variable 10/12 pitch-typing selector, caps lock, line indent and automatic paper insertion.

  • Caps lock
  • Line indent
  • Automatic "word-out" correction system
  • Lift-off correction memory
  • Automatic paper insertion
  • Automatic underlining, bold printing and right margin flush
  • Variable 10/12 pitch typing selector
  • Perfectype® professional touch keyboard
  • View mode allows easy viewing of the typing line
  • Automatic carriage return
  • Forward and reverse indexing
  • Automatic paper insertion
  • Automatic repeat for all characters
  • Self-demo feature automatically demonstrates features and functions
  • Paper support conveniently doubles as lid cover
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