Brother Printers & All-in-Ones Win 8th Annual PCMag Readers’ Choice Award and 4th Business Choice Award!

Are we blushing?

In 2016, Brother Printers and All-in-Ones nabbed PCMag’s Reader’s Choice Award, for the eight year in a row. We got the highest scores in “overall satisfaction”, “satisfaction with reliability”, and “likelihood to recommend”. “In each of these key measures, Brother clearly outdistances all its competitors,” says an article on the Readers’ Choice Awards website.

Business Choice Award

And there’s more: We also won the PCMag Business Choice Award for the fourth year in a row. “Brother’s streak continues,” the mag says. “For home or business, it’s the perennial favourite now for PCMag readers. It’s strong in reliability, has a low percentage of products that need a fix, and the absolute highest score when it comes to being recommended to colleagues who need a new printer.”

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