Brother PT-E300VP


Industrial Labeller

MSRP $189.99*


The PT-E300VP is a completely new industrial handheld labelling tool design, done right the first time by industry pros for industry pros. Designed for comfort, the PT-E300VP comes with a large backlit LCD display, QWERTY keyboard and secure grip feature for one or two handed operation. Smart label application keys and intuitive navigation helps make the PT-E300VP simple to use without the learning curve, just type and print a label for a cable/fiber/wire, faceplate, patch panel, punch block and more. Heat shrink tubing is also available. Comes with case, rechargeable battery, AC adapter and a 1-year limited exchange express warranty.

  • Comes as a kit for the price of an industrial labeller
  • Smart label application keys to help reduce key strokes
  • QWERTY keyboard for natural and fast data entry
  • Advanced serialization options to save time printing single or multiple labels
  • Compatible with Flexible I.D. tape to mark cables, fibre and wire
  • Faster print speeds: Prints up to .78 ips which is 2x faster than standard P-touch® speeds
  • High quality printing for barcodes and fine text
  • Large, backlit LCD with application icons
  • Uses TZe, high-speed HGe and heat shrink tube HSe tapes
*MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
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