PE-Design® 10 Embroidery Design and Digitizing Software

  • Over 1,000 built-in designs, including 350 new designs, and 130 fonts, including 25 more built-in regular fonts and 5 new small fonts
  • New zigzag net fill stitches, and a chain stitch for outlines
  • Create a badge or applique from virtually any design, including text
  • New stitch direction setting feature
  • Enhanced stitch density setting
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PE-Design® Plus2 Embroidery Software

  • Choose from 35 fonts plus 5 small fonts to embroider onto your fabric to personalize your project!
  • Whether you use one or combine several embroidery designs, your options seem endless with 287 built-in embroidery designs to choose from.
  • Transform photos into embroidered art! Built into PE-DESIGN® PLUS2 are the exact same PhotoStitch™ features that are in our top-of-the-line PE-DESIGN® 10 software.
  • The Appliqué Wizard makes it easy to turn any embroidery design into an appliqué. You'll love precision cutting your appliqués with the ScanNCut Home & Hobby Cutting Machine!
  • Make your work truly unique by merging your own designs into PE-DESIGN® PLUS2.
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