At-A-Glance: Fax Machines with Thermal Technology

Thermal Technology
Brother FAX-275


  • 10-page auto document feed
  • Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detection ready
  • Convenience copying of up to 10 originals
  • Telephone index to look up stored numbers alphabetically
  • Uses rolls of thick, high quality ThermaPlus® paper
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Brother FAX-575


Thermal Transfer Fax
  • 104 speed dials
  • 10-page Auto Document Feeder (ADF)
  • 150-page print cartridge
  • 50-sheet paper capacity
  • Automatic fax/telephone switching lets you receive fax and voice calls on a single line
  • Call display ready
  • Distinctive ring detection ready for customers subscribing to these services
  • Its memory stores up to 25 pages for out-of-paper reception
  • Personal plain paper fax, phone and copier
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